Sunday, August 26, 2012

Challenging the Status Quo

It is very difficult to try to make change in the public schools in this country.  Now that election season is in high gear, the unions are making the most of their political clout.  This Daily News editorial discusses an interesting front group created by a teachers union to attack StudentsFirst - described as a pro-student, pro-achievement, pro-school-reform organization.  StudentsFirst is an advocacy organization created by Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor of the Washington, D.C public school system.  Rhee made substantial improvements to this troubled public school system, enraging the local education unions in the process.  The unions organized to elect a new Mayor of the city who ousted Rhee from her position.

Read the article here:Daily News Article - 8/22/12

I am reminded of what is happening in St. Lawrence County with the Canton/Potsdam group.  This is a dedicated, hard working group of parents and school officials who have allied themselves with the Alliance for Quality Education of New York.  This group has, also, begun attacking StudentsFirst.  Check out their website here: Alliance for Quality Education of NY

School reform doesn't have to mean that change is bad for our students.  It may be threatening for all of the school staff, but change is necessary if progress is to happen.