Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quinniac University Poll and Education

Approximately 47% of New Yorkers approve of the way that Governor Cuomo is handling education, according to the most recent poll results from the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.  In addition, New Yorkers are in favor of several changes to the way teachers are treated.  First, almost two-thirds think it is a good idea for teachers who are doing an outstanding job to receive merit pay.  Second, over sixty percent of New Yorkers think that it is a good idea to make it easier to fire teachers.  Third, over eighty percent believe that teacher layoffs should be based on performance instead of seniority. Fourth, fifty-six percent of New Yorkers responding to this poll approve of making public the evaluations of public school teachers.

Is this the time for serious change in the balance of power between education administrators and the teacher's unions in New York State?  Now may be the perfect opportunity to update the State's Public Employees Fair Employment Act (Taylor Law) and push forward with school districts' teacher evaluation plans.  It is very clear that while the public is in favor of change in education, the entrenched bureaucracies of public education will resist to the bitter end.

To read about these results and view the rest of the poll, go to: Quinnipiac University Poll Results

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