Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PCS BOE Members: Intolerance of public input

(The following blog posting was revised on January 30, 2013.)

At Potsdam Central's Board of Education meeting Tuesday night, Wade Davis apparently found it terribly vexing to listen to less than 4 minutes of public comment (only two people* spoke and they had waited close to an hour for the BOE to arrive from executive session).

Once Public Comment was over,  novice board member Davis scolded two members of the public for their comments.

One might wonder what was said to evoke such a disrespectful response. The comments made by two members of the public were so benign that the reporter never put his pen to paper... that is until Board member Davis confronted and bullied the speaker(s).

Advice to novice Board member Davis:
  1. Respect the right of the public to speak.
  2. Accept the fact that you will not agree with all members of the public.
  3. Try to recall that you are a public servant.
  4. Get some professional development on the proper way to comport yourself at the Public Comment portion of Board meetings.
If truth be told, Davis embarrassed the BOE on Tuesday night. How can an individual who bullies the public be trusted to protect students from bullying?

Davis's behavior should not surprise anyone. Over a year ago (prior to becoming a PCS BOE member) he publicly accused Board members Cowen, Ashley Carroll, Frascatore, Bunstone, Turbett, Regan, Hobbs, and Carvill, and Superintendent Brady of knowingly and systematically violating General Municipal Law. He had no basis for such accusations but apparently felt that wild and unfounded accusations would help him get elected.


* Note: I was one of the two speakers. 

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