Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Facts About Education in the US

A recent NPR "On Point" episode  about education in the US included some interesting points. See:

According to the experts:
  • Student loan debt has topped one trillion dollars... $1,000,000,000
  • Is there too much focus on ivory tower research and too little on teaching and keeping costs down?
  • The biggest challenges facing colleges are: 1. decreasing student learning 2. unaffordability
  • By 2025 most adults will need a college education
  • The new majority attending colleges are the non-traditional students (over 25 yrs. old, working full-time, with families to support).
  • 36% of college students, after 4 years of study, show no statistical improvement in critical thinking or writing skills. (Univ. Chicago)
  • Grade inflation is a national scandal. The most commonly given grade is an "A" and 43% of grades are A's. 
  • Are colleges focused enough on employability? 37% of college grads are underemployed. 

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