Thursday, October 31, 2013

BOCES Wins Million Dollar Grant

This region's BOCES (St. Lawrence-Lewis) was the lead agent in winning a $1.47 million "Strengthening Teacher/Leader Effectiveness Grant." According to Stephen Todd, Assistant Superintendent at BOCES, "We were the only recipients in the state north of the NYS Thruway, and only three recipients in the state received higher awards."

The grant monies will be divided among 14 of the 18 school districts in St. Lawrence County. (Four districts were ineligible.)

What will the grant be used for? Mr. Todd explained that it will be used to help implement the Regents Reform Agenda - which refers to:
  1. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  2.  Data Driven Instruction
  3. Teacher/Principal Evaluation
The Assistant Superintendent noted, "We will use the money to build a cohort of over 100 teacher and principal leaders who will serve as coaches and mentors for their peers throughout the region."

Mr. Todd specifically acknowledged the efforts of Jennifer French (Senior Supervisor for School Improvement at BOCES). "She wrote the grant single-handedly and will be the leader of our implementation team."

Given the significant reductions in NYS funding to schools in recent years, it is great to hear of some money heading to the North Country.

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