Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Victory for Student Privacy

Governor Cuomo appointed a panel to advise him about what should be done regarding the Common Core (CCSS) implementation - which most agree has been a disaster. The Timesunion.com summarized the recommendations.

"Among the panel's recommendations are halting New York's relationship with inBloom, a data storage nonprofit that has drawn the ire of parents distrustful that the data collected on their children's lives and academic performance will be protected."

The other recommendations:
  1. Protect Students from Inappropriate High-Stakes Testing
  2. Provide Better Support from Parents and Teachers
  3. Improve Public Trust in Common Core Implementation
  4. Protect Student Privacy
It's nice to see there may be hope for a victory for student privacy, for protecting students against too much testing, and for giving a central role to parents who, to this point, have been ignored. However, there will be no victory until the recommendation are acted upon.

To read more specifics about the recommendations, go to:

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