Saturday, March 3, 2012

Great Website

District Superintendent Thomas Burns drew my attention to the Statewide School Finance Consortium (SSFC). The link is:

The SSFC is an organization of approximately 360 NYS public school districts who are united in an effort to get equitable distribution of NYS aid to education. One can read the latest news, learn about advocacy tools, and view videos. If you scan down to Top Videos you can view videos by Dr. Rick Timbs. I can't recommend them enough.
Also, you can read about the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) initiative. A  2/16/12 letter to the Governor (and others) points out that NYS has not complied with the successful CFE lawsuit. School funding was found to be unconstitutional as the distribution of the funding did not provide for a sound basic education for all students in the State. Anyway, this website is worth viewing.

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