Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What About Special Education?

For months, the PCS Board of Education has been hearing about the district's lack of compliance issues in the area of special education.  Yet the proposed strategic budget plan originally eliminated two teachers, four aides, a .75 keyboard specialist and .5 BOCES school psychologist.  The most recent add backs included the keyboard specialist and school psychologist for administrative functions.  Isn't there a greater potential for compliance issues with the reduction of the teachers and aides?  The strategic plan even mentioned that the aides can only be reduced if IEP's are modified.  Who is watching to make sure that our neediest students get what they need and are legally entitled to have?

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  1. Isn't the the CSE's (Committee on Special Education) job? I certainly can't speak for anyone else, but my experience as a parent with a special needs child has been nothing short of exemplary over the years. One reads horror stories of people elsewhere who have to fight tooth and nail with their districts to get the services that those districts are obligated to provide to their children. My experience with PCS has been the opposite of that!