Monday, May 7, 2012

NYSUT Legislative Action

Several years ago, I heard that it is a goal of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) Union to put a majority of union supporters on the state's school Boards of Education.  I couldn't remember where I heard it, so I started digging.  If you go to the NYSUT Legislative Action website, the leading statement is

"NYSUT is the most influential and successful lobbying group in New York".

I kept reading and found this information near the bottom of the page:

"Voting on School Budgets
So many of us live and work under the terms and conditions of employment collectively bargained with our public employer. It's important to support school district budgets and the programs and services we provide by being organized and showing support when the budgets come before the voters. We may not always work in the same school district we vote in, but voting to support school budgets helps each and every union member in your community. Our local unions frequently endorse candidates for election to local school boards. Be sure to support the pro-labor pro-public education candidates on the ballot. (Bold added) Great programs and services often begin in the ballot box."

What's the point?  It is absolutely critical that serious discussions begin between management and labor in an effort to control costs.  The Board members elected this year will be part of the negotiations for the next Teacher's contract which expires in 2014.  In addition, there are negotiations on-going regarding controversial teacher evaluation changes.     If you believe that serious negotiations with the labor unions are needed to preserve the future of the Potsdam School District, please consider voting for the independent thinkers.

To access the NYSUT Legislative Action website, go to:

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