Thursday, May 3, 2012

PCS: CSEA Compensation - Part 3

In PCS's "Summary 2011-12 Compensation & Benefits" report, the compensation and benefits costs for CSEA is noted. In brief, the approximate numbers are:

Adjusted Salaries for the Year: ........$2.2 million
Total Benefits....................................$1.3  million (of which $813,000 is for Health Insurance)
Total Compensation and Benefits.....$3.5  million

A number of CSEA employees are part-time, some are 11-month employees, and some are full-time.
Thus, the range of salaries can be misleading as apples are not being compared to apples.
  • The adjusted salaries range from approximately $11,000 to $46,000.
  • The highest salary plus benefits is $71,000.
  • These employees are modestly paid.
  • The benefits ($1.3 million) amount to 59% of the total paid in CSEA salaries ($2.2 million).
Maintenance workers, bus drivers, secretaries, teacher aides, custodians, school nurses, cooks, cashiers, and keyboard specialists are among the types of employees represented by the CSEA.

Further postings on fiscal topics are ahead and will cover Retiree Costs, Health Insurance, and Teacher compensation.


  1. What is the poiint of the bolded "modestly"?

  2. Thank you Mrs. Carvill for including us in your blog, PCS: CSEA Compensation - Part 3. I assume this post is for information purposes and I agree. However, being that the word modest is bold and underlined, it is my impression that this is what you want the readers to take away from this blog - CSEA workers are modestly paid.
    I wonder what has changed your mind? A few years ago when CSEA was in negotiations with PCS and you were on the negotiation committee, that was not what CSEA was led to believe. In fact, during a discussion when one of the CSEA members was talking and you were taking notes, you threw your pen down in disgust. I believe the discussion was about insurance which was a very heated discussion. Where is this coming from Mrs. Carvill? You can't have it both ways.

  3. Hi Zeke, I will answer your good question when I do my Part 6 Analysis posting. Thanks for asking.
    Mrs. White, My positions on the fact that CSEA employees are modestly paid and contribute more to their health insurance than any other group (all of whom earn more) has never changed. Given that I said nothing at these negotiations' sessions, I have to wonder why you believed I ever had another position. My father was a unionized bus driver. I saw first hand, the modest pay, the long hours, and the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck. With regards to your accusation that I threw down a pen in exasperation, I can simply say this never occurred. Not only do I not behave like that, but I never remember being annoyed at the CSEA team. I found them to be earnest and direct, sometimes humorous, and, though I could not say it in front of your team, I agreed with their position that it was utterly unfair that the lowest paid employees contributed the most to the skyrocketing costs of health insurance.(I was thinking of my own father the whole time.) It's too bad you couldn't read my mind. Thank you very much for reading the blog posting and sharing your concerns. Best, Ann Carvill