Saturday, March 2, 2013

PCS BOE Needs a Philosophy

Something odd has happened this year with Potsdam Central Schools Strategic Budget Plan.  Many of the cuts to programming seem to be based upon who is retiring this year.  That may not be in the best interests of the students who will be affected by those cuts.  The Board of Education needs to decide what its philosophy will be regarding our student's education and now is the time to do it.

Specifically, there are two elementary teachers, a physical education teacher, a high school math teacher, a music teacher, and a special education teacher retiring.  Administration is recommending , in the strategic budget plan, not replacing any of these people.  What this means is that a teacher assistant will be monitoring a locker room, class sizes in the elementary classes will be 26 in grades 1-4, and the music program will be further dismantled.  In addition, in the scenario reviewed at Thursday's Finance Committee Meeting, there is no longer any discussion of  reducing extra-curriculars, including sports. 

Is this what the Potsdam community wants for the education of its students?  The Board of Education isn't saying much these days publicly.  They ask questions, but now is the time to commit to what is best for our kids!

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