Thursday, March 28, 2013

What will PCS do with $379,000?

According to the most recent State Aid runs, Potsdam Central will receive $379,000 more in the approved New York State budget than in the Governor's proposal.  Great news, but how will the spending plan change?

It is important to remember that the budget cuts put forward by administration are still $181,000 short, so that means there is just under $200,000 to use for putting back some of the cuts.  If past history is replayed, the Board of Education members will tell the Superintendent, privately, what their individual favorite programs are and those will be re-instated.

Of course, what should happen is that the traditions of the community and the needs of the students should be considered and positions should be re-instated reflecting those concerns.  It is not too late to have an influence.  Let your Board of Ed members know what is important to you and your children or grandchildren.  The next Finance Committee meeting will be on April 9th.  The budget will be more or less finalized by then, so don't wait!

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