Thursday, November 21, 2013

NYS Assembly Paying Attention to Student Privacy

According to the Albany Times Union, members of the NYS Assembly are investigating student privacy risks brought about by the student data collection and sharing that is occurring.

Local control of private student data seems to be a thing of the past. Parental rights to have input and influence over the use of their children's private student information also seems to be disappearing. 

It was reported by the Union Times that Assembly members of the Education Committee held a hearing yesterday to discuss the risks associated with "the creation of a vast trove of student data..."

The following information, and more, is being collected by NYS:
  • student names
  • test scores
  • special education designations
  • attendance records
  • disciplinary records
  • health records
  • ethnicity
  • parental income (on parents of Free and Reduced Lunch recipients)
It appears that members of the Education Committee are looking into the notion of having parent OPT-IN. It would be nice to see parental oversight authority given back to them. 

The much written about data collection and storage company called inBloom, Inc. did not send a representative to attend the Assembly Education Committee hearing. Kudos to Education Committee Chairperson Cathy Nolan who recommended that inBloom, Inc. representatives be subpoenaed. 

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