Friday, November 15, 2013

Will NYS Pass a Student Data Privacy Law?

It has been reported (in that NY State Senator John Flanagan, "plans to propose legislation that addresses school leaders' and parents' concerns about student data privacy."  

In addition, a group of NYC parents filed a suit against the State Education Department to prevent it from releasing private student data to for-profit companies like inBloom, Inc.(contractor for the statewide data base) and Pearson (creators of those much-criticized 3-8 grade mandated state tests).However, the judge in charge of the case refused to grant the injunction but did give the plaintiffs a hearing date (Dec. 6th).

Who is voicing concerns about risks to student privacy?
  • NYS Senator Flanagan (Education Committee Chair)
  • US Senator Markey (Massachusetts) 
  • Randi Weingarten (President of the AFT - American Fed. of Teachers)
  • Many NYS Superintendents of Schools
  • Advocacy Groups like Class Size Matters
What has your school district done to make you aware of risks to student privacy? And...just what information is being sent to State Ed. for distribution to inBloom, Inc. and Pearson? This is something all parents should know.

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