Thursday, February 23, 2012

Advocating for Educational Funding

The advocacy group from various St. Lawrence County school districts met again last night at Canton High School to move ahead on plans to lobby legislators in Albany to address the disproportionate funding for schools in rural areas of the state. As many already know, there will be a trip to Albany on Feb. 29th to meet with politicians and discuss the funding inequities in North Country schools. One suggestion, made by Chad Radock - deputy campaign manager with Alliance for Quality Education, was to begin a letter writing campaign. He noted that letters should be handwritten and he advised those in attendance to encourage legislators to close corporate tax loopholes as a way to generate funds for education. So, for those of you who are hopeful about effecting change by lobbying, write to your legislators. Additionally, as part of the "Finding Common Ground" initiative, I will be interviewing Assemblywoman Addie Russell tomorrow and will ask her about effective lobbying strategies. The interview will be available on WCKN.

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