Monday, February 27, 2012

Potsdam Speak-Up Opportunities

The public has three opportunities this week to let officials of the Potsdam Central School District hear their thoughts regarding next year's spending plan.  The first is Monday night at the Community Forum.  The time is from 7-9 PM in the AAK Cafeteria.  RSVP's were requested but walk-ins are allowed.  Your second opportunity is at the regular Board of Education meeting at the High School Library on Tuesday.  The public portion usually begins about 7 PM.  Early in the meeting is an opportunity for public comment with a second opportunity at the end of the meeting.  This is not a time when school officials or Board members will respond to questions but they will listen to what you have to say.  Your third opportunity this week will be on Thursday when the Finance Committee of the Board meets in the High School Library at 6 PM.  This is a later time than originally posted to accommodate people who have dinner or family time earlier.  Get involved! Let your school officials and the Board of Education members know what you are thinking.

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