Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fair Class Sizes?

The four scenarios that administration has proposed for the Board of Education's review at tomorrow night's meeting all re-instated the core teachers throughout the district.  That seems like a good plan, but look again.  Did you know that that means that there will be 24-27 students in every classroom at the elementary school from grades 3 to 6?  Grade 3 will have 26 or 27 students if class sizes remain the same.  This is on the revised class size projections dated 3/30/12.  On the other hand, from 8th grade through the high school, the class size numbers will be in the teens and low twenties.  Is class management an issue from Grade 8 on?  Do our younger students have better behavior?

It has always been my opinion that the number of teachers the district should have depends on the number of students, and where those teachers are is dependent on where the students are.  Higher class sizes should be in the high school and lower class sizes should be in the elementary classes. Simply restoring all of the core teacher positions makes no sense.  The teachers won't be where they need to be.  In the past, this usually meant that the Board of Education was asked to add staff for the elementary school in August, after the budget vote and at the same time as they decide to assess the taxpayers the maximum amount allowed for a tax rate.   Just my opinion.

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