Monday, April 30, 2012

Time to Say NO!

Potsdam Central School has done it again!  A leader in the state, one of only about 50 districts out of 669 in New York State which have decided to ignore the Governor's property tax cap and ask the voters to approve a spending plan which exceeds the tax cap by almost one percent.  No other district in St. Lawrence County or the neighboring counties of Jefferson, Lewis or Franklin are choosing to ask the voters for more than the limit intended to hold the line on increases in property taxes.  Of the districts that have reported their proposed tax levy increases to the NYS Department of Education, ninety-two percent (92%) are keeping increases within the limit. 

Potsdam School District likes to be in the lead.   Don't we have one of the highest school tax rates in St. Lawrence County? Don't the taxpayers in the village of Potsdam pay more than twice the regional median for taxes?  It's not like we don't have $5 million dollars in the bank. It is time to say, NO! 

To review more about the school districts in New York State and their tax levy increases, go to


  1. I commend the school board for being courageous enough to exceed the tax cap when necessary to maintain the high standards of Potsdam Central. To blindly do otherwise would allow the state to control local decisions on education funding. Please vote yes on the budget.

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