Saturday, April 13, 2013

No Summer Recreation for Potsdam Students?

Is it possible that there won't be a summer recreation program for the children of the Town of Potsdam?  Potentially, even the ice arena and access to the Town parks could be closed.  Many parents are very concerned about recent statements and actions by the elected boards of the Village and Town of Potsdam.

In an unexpected action by the Village Board last month, a resolution was passed ending village contributions to the Town of Potsdam Recreation Budget effective December 31st.  Past practice saw approximately equal expenditures by the village and town for the $320,000 budget. Comments made by Village Mayor Steve Yurgartis suggest that efforts to resolve issues with the Town government have been unsuccessful. 

Subsequently, the Town Board Supervisor made statements chastising the Village Board for their actions.  See the North Country Now article here: Potsdam Town Supervisor Concerned with Legal Issues...
Clearly, there are issues but it seems as if they have come up before and could be resolved with enough willpower.

What we have, it seems, is another example of the Village and Town Boards not working together for the best interests of the community, in this case our kids.  It makes perfect sense that the village should be tired of paying more than their fair share if that is happening.  It also makes sense that the two groups must work together for a smooth transition.  According to the Town Supervisor, it is unlikely that the current time frame (December 31st) gives enough time to put a sound recreation plan in place.

What is needed is a demand for the facts and pressure on both Boards to resolve this issue.  Let's not accept political posturing.  Go to both Boards and remind them that where there is a will, there is a way. 

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