Friday, April 12, 2013

Pat Brady - Budget Interview

Potsdam Central Superintendent Patrick Brady was interviewed this week at WCKN about the district's proposed budget (not yet finalized by the BOE) as well as other pertinent fiscal issues.

This informative interview can be seen at:

Among the topics discussed:

~  The loss of NYS aid to the district since 2008
~  The impact of the re-valuation of homes/businesses on the PCSD budget
~  Soaring Health Insurance Costs and Pension Costs ($1 out of every $5 spend by the district is on HI) (Pension contributions, determined by charging the district a percentage of total payroll, has sharply risen to over 16% of teacher payroll for next year.)
~  The NYS Tax Cap
~  The likely PCSD tax levy (3.9%)
~  Needed Mandate Relief

(This interview was made possible by Donna Seymour of AAUW and Dan Dullea and his Communications students at Clarkson University.)

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